What Are Torque Turn Systems And Their Benefits?

Torque turn systems are an optional module for the Jim 20 which is compiled in an easily readable report for the operator to evaluate. The torque turn system offers full torque and turns to monitor and store. The data includes necessary acceptance criteria and is presented in a torque turn report. So the operator can easily verify or reject the completed connections.

The main features of torque turn systems are:

  • Torque turn computer interfacing JiM 20 PLC
  • High-speed monitoring of torque-and-turn data
  • Automatic starting and stopping of monitoring Pipe profile database
  • Benefits of Torque turn system
  • Help in real-time monitoring of the torque
  • They have maximum and minimum shoulder limits for various casing
  • Measurement and display of shoulder slope
  • Win report program

Sucker rod power tongs

Sucker rod power tong is used for quick make-up and break out in well service operations. The structure of the tong is compact, concise, and light. With the help of a low-speed large torque hydraulic motor master tong is driven which matches with manual control valve.

The features of tong are

  • Clamp the sucker rod use corresponding jaw set
  • To master the tong according to customers request dies may be equipped
  • The torque control valve may be equipped with the customer’s request
  • Power tong is provided for drill pipe, tubing, casing, and sucker rod
  • They have a high degree of mechanization and larger torque
  • With hydraulic lifting equipment
  • Performs safety, labor-saving, and high-efficiency

How to use sucker rod power tongs

The company designs and manufactures oil production wellhead devices and hydraulic power tongs. Drilling equipment and supporting products such as hydraulic rotator, sucker rod hook, automatic torque control system.

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