All You Need To Know About Tongs With Hydraulic Power And Bucking Units!

The Hydraulic power tongs are the tubing Tongs designed to run tubular to extract gas and oil from reservoirs. It provides reliable performance even at the higher torque to break premium connections. Its uses lay down in the land and offshore drilling rigs and well servicing.

MOT manufactures Hydraulic Power Tongs following API 7K and 8A standards. Further, it also follows the ISO-9001 quality procedures.

MOT’s Hydraulic Power Tongs are used to

Run or pull tubular strings to extract oil and gas from wells during well repair, workover, snubbing, and casing operations.

MOT workover/snubbing –

These lightweight Tongs are the power tongs that have a bi-directional jaw system. They are hydraulic motors with increased torque and dependability.

Specifications –

It consists of two or three spool directional control valves for more efficient hydraulic operations.

It has modified structures for increased strength and durability.

It can quickly adapt to specific job requirements.

MOT casing power tongs –

These are the casing power tongs listing you of a variety of models.

Specifications –

The Tongs are available in pipe sizes ranging from 5-1/2″ to 20″.

Tongs can handle both API Standard and PREMIUM (Proprietary Steel Grade) casing connections, which require more torque.

The following models are available with hydraulic back-up tongs as options: “KMA”, “KHT”, “TQ”, “KJD”, “KD”, and SE 16-25, with torques ranging from 15,000 ft-lbs to 55,000 ft-lbs.

MOT drill pipe power tongs –

Our product “ZQ” series hydraulic power drill pipe tongs are famous in oil and gas drilling. The tongs design is to fulfill the criteria of quick and safe assembly and disassembly of drill pipes and drill collars. You can deploy them on both the land and the sea worldwide. The System consists of an integrated torque tong and bucking Tong, which eliminates the need for manual tongs and spinning chains. Moreover, it can handle pipe with drill collars ranging from 2-3/8″ to 8″ and provide torques of up to 92,000 Lbs-ft.

Bucking units :

Hydraulic Stroking Machines accurately set up and break out threaded connections on the horizontal plane. These assemble and disassemble tubular items.

Threading and repair shops, pipe yards, and completions use the equipment for routine applications and connection problems.

Bucking Unit meets the industry’s ever-changing needs for more precise data, lower costs, and faster turnaround times.

  • As is customary, torque capability is limited to 100 ft-lb
  • An automated self-leveling tool supports support Self-leveling jack.
  • Load cells provide dependable data gathering.

Bucking units’ properties:

1.) Controlling the torque speed

Two positions are using a high-efficiency hydraulic vane motor: high and low.

2.) The Radial Eliminator

Reduces radial load on the joint, which causes torque loss and axial twist, leading to cross-threading damage.

3.) Optional Bi-Directional Compression Load Cell System:

The operator can monitor torque in both directions thanks to two load cells.

4.) Capacity for two sizes The backup mechanism on the 9-5/8 model and bigger includes a dual jaw position, allowing the backup to bite the casing and the connection with the same jaws.

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