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Oilfield Equipment – How Operators Can Save Millions

Oil operators spend billions of dollars each year on oilfield equipment and its parts. Some of the product purchases consist of a casing, tubing, oil rig, dies and inserts, power tongs, and many more. There are hundreds of companies that sell equipment and parts. Just Google the word and view all the listings, in addition to all the published info out there. To further understand the buying process, here are some of the questions I would like to answer. Where do most companies buy their products? How can they save cash like any other business?

Let’s start with the question that where companies buy their products from. Most oil operator companies purchase the equipment from a reputable online store. At, a reputable online store, you will always find a huge selection of oilfield equipment that is not easily available in a local dealer. When it comes to buying dies and inserts online, you will easily find different choices while sitting at home. You can simply find the best equipment that will definitely fit your machinery. Apart from that, you will also get fast and the best delivery services when it comes to buying this equipment online.

Further, when you place an order online, you will not only get a wide range of selection and quick delivery services but also find the best price deals compared to local stores. Many times, you will find different types of discounts and sales options in a reputable online store. So, one can easily save a huge amount of money while buying these heavy oilfield machinery. There are many online stores offering different types of discount options thus before placing your order must check the reputation of companies by reading customer reviews. However, if you are looking to buy Demco Gate Valves and other parts of oilfield equipment at affordable prices, always visit our online store.

All You Need To Know About Tongs With Hydraulic Power And Bucking Units!

The Hydraulic power tongs are the tubing Tongs designed to run tubular to extract gas and oil from reservoirs. It provides reliable performance even at the higher torque to break premium connections. Its uses lay down in the land and offshore drilling rigs and well servicing.

MOT manufactures Hydraulic Power Tongs following API 7K and 8A standards. Further, it also follows the ISO-9001 quality procedures.

MOT’s Hydraulic Power Tongs are used to

Run or pull tubular strings to extract oil and gas from wells during well repair, workover, snubbing, and casing operations.

MOT workover/snubbing –

These lightweight Tongs are the power tongs that have a bi-directional jaw system. They are hydraulic motors with increased torque and dependability.

Specifications –

It consists of two or three spool directional control valves for more efficient hydraulic operations.

It has modified structures for increased strength and durability.

It can quickly adapt to specific job requirements.

MOT casing power tongs –

These are the casing power tongs listing you of a variety of models.

Specifications –

The Tongs are available in pipe sizes ranging from 5-1/2″ to 20″.

Tongs can handle both API Standard and PREMIUM (Proprietary Steel Grade) casing connections, which require more torque.

The following models are available with hydraulic back-up tongs as options: “KMA”, “KHT”, “TQ”, “KJD”, “KD”, and SE 16-25, with torques ranging from 15,000 ft-lbs to 55,000 ft-lbs.

MOT drill pipe power tongs –

Our product “ZQ” series hydraulic power drill pipe tongs are famous in oil and gas drilling. The tongs design is to fulfill the criteria of quick and safe assembly and disassembly of drill pipes and drill collars. You can deploy them on both the land and the sea worldwide. The System consists of an integrated torque tong and bucking Tong, which eliminates the need for manual tongs and spinning chains. Moreover, it can handle pipe with drill collars ranging from 2-3/8″ to 8″ and provide torques of up to 92,000 Lbs-ft.

Bucking units :

Hydraulic Stroking Machines accurately set up and break out threaded connections on the horizontal plane. These assemble and disassemble tubular items.

Threading and repair shops, pipe yards, and completions use the equipment for routine applications and connection problems.

Bucking Unit meets the industry’s ever-changing needs for more precise data, lower costs, and faster turnaround times.

  • As is customary, torque capability is limited to 100 ft-lb
  • An automated self-leveling tool supports support Self-leveling jack.
  • Load cells provide dependable data gathering.

Bucking units’ properties:

1.) Controlling the torque speed

Two positions are using a high-efficiency hydraulic vane motor: high and low.

2.) The Radial Eliminator

Reduces radial load on the joint, which causes torque loss and axial twist, leading to cross-threading damage.

3.) Optional Bi-Directional Compression Load Cell System:

The operator can monitor torque in both directions thanks to two load cells.

4.) Capacity for two sizes The backup mechanism on the 9-5/8 model and bigger includes a dual jaw position, allowing the backup to bite the casing and the connection with the same jaws.

Importance Of Equipment Maintenance In Oil And Gas Industries

When it comes to oil well servicing and drilling processes, oil companies always use different types of heavy equipment and tools like hydraulic power tongs, casing elevators, and many more that will offer them easy and hassle-free services. But in a long run, these tools contain rust and corrosion thus repair and maintenance are essential to mitigate corrosion and increase safety and reliability as well as reduce expenses for the long term.

Oilfield tools maintenance services are the actions of preparing, conserving, and restoring tools before, during, and oilfield creation. Each phase is wisely handled to preserve the equipment, structures, and nearby areas to fully treatable safe situations. Guiding oilfield tools maintenance enables the anticipation of property loss/damage and the essential tools to protect all employees offshore.

When it comes to equipment maintenance like bucking units, extending operation beyond design life presents safety risks (including injuries), business risks, and operational challenges. These risks disturb significant business decisions and need to be counted and managed as companies struggle for continuous operations of aging equipment assets. Aging tools may present increased challenges in maintaining equipment honesty, and therefore, will have to be achieved accordingly.

Equipment renovation and maintenance are vital in order to keep plans running simply, reliable and trustworthy. Preventative tools repairs are the key to spreading equipment life and eventually saving you time and cash. While the common insight may be that preventative maintenance is needless, the reality is that without it, users are often left with more costly repairs. The more often assets are checked, the less likely hazardous problems like offshore fires happen. Businesses that follow preventive maintenance agendas reduce the risk of surprising breakdowns, health dangers and injuries, and liability claims.

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Getting Best Quality Bucking Units For Reducing The Time Span For Drilling

In the times when automation has become an important thing and this will also save time, dealing with the right products and tools will enhance the efficacy of the process. Thus, when it comes to oil fields and oil drilling industry there will be a need to get bucking units.There has to be proper automated systems that will have right controls and perhaps that will give the relevant solutions.


Check the connections before the process begins
When you are using such applications you will have to be open to checking the systems and how there should be perfect breakout. There will be need for bottom line assemblies and for that the options need to be cleared well. There will be perfect solutions so that flooring will be rigged soon.
There should be determination of oil fields and perhaps that will bring in the success ratio to make the relevant choices. Checking out the processes will help in enhancing the usability of the oil fields. If the company is equipped with hydraulic power tongs then it would mean that there can be better potentials for the future.

Tubing Ton 2-3/8” – 4-1/2” / XQ114/6B

Planning what would be the relevance of oil field productivity
The oil field productivity will depend upon the basic options and that should give you the basic amenities. So, for every oil field company there has to be proper equipment and tools to make the right choices. Planning every little detail will give the basic example to make the proper plan. The success ratio along with the need to fulfil the demand factor will give the right choice. Just check out what options work well for you and then based on that you can make the choices in the line and perhaps that can help in determining the options.

Excavating Equipment That Is Usually Used In The Excavation Sites

Equipment used during the process of digging is very important in the oilfield. It is very heavy equipment that makes large-scale work completed in a shorter time. For the equipment, you will find that there are various types of equipment that are usually used in the excavation sites.


In several tools, bucking units and power tongs are equipment generally used in the process of excavation sites. These tools are heavy and essential for digging that will offer you the best and safe service for a long time. Thus, you should always prefer the modern tools that will serve you top services without any hassle.

How bucking units and hydraulic power tongs are useful equipment

The current design of the bucking unit is intended for fast and exact making-up, and breaking –out the pipe threads, and networks of the casing, tubing, drilling tools, down whole tools with large rotation. Modern equipment is a computer-controlled system that will provide real-time monitoring. The equipment is high efficiency and need not replace accessories of different sizes. You will also find an automatic control system with adjustable speed, ensure longer service time.

Sucker Rod Tong 5/8” – 1-1/8” / XQ29/2.6

Further, hydraulic power sucker rod tongs are available in the hydraulic format. They carry faster, more even make-up and break-out of sucker rods and tubing without injury to thread couplings while delivering up to 1,850 ft-lbs of rotation. This tong has a fresh, useful design for balanced weight supply and easy treatment by one man.

A single master control grips both speed and direction of spin. The tandem control feature allows process from the front or either side. The swinging door gate provides quick on-off action while eliminating had to latch. In order to the fastest and effective outcome, you should always prefer the best hydraulic power tongs that will always provide you the best result without any hassle.

Discover the Premium Quality Power Tongs Online

Lifts are essential for raising instruments for taking care of drill line, packaging, or tubing during boring, fruition, or workover tasks in oil and gas fields. The tubing power tongs are produced or projected from high-grade compound steel and uncommonly heat treated. Because of that, they have prevalent mechanical properties, for example, high quality, high adaptability, and high durability.

Tubing Ton 2-3/8” – 4-1/2” / XQ114/6B

Contingent upon the particular application, there are etch utensils, packaging utensils, rotational utensils, manual utensils, and that’s just the beginning. Here, we’ll answer a couple of questions regarding drill pipe power tongs so you can all the more likely see how they’re utilized and how they could profit your oil fix activity.

Apparatus utensils breakout or cosmetic packaging, tubing, and drill pipes. Drill pipe power tongs are utilized during breakout—or slackening activities—are consistently called breakout utensils, while those utilized during cosmetics—or fixing tasks—are called cosmetics utensils. Apparatus utensils are constantly utilized two by two. The initial set of utensils is tied off to the derrick with a link or chain, while the other is pulled with mechanical catheads.

Drill Pipe-Casing-Tubing Tong 2-3/8” – 5-1/2” / ZQ127/25MA

What amount of power ought to be applied to the apparatus tong to get the correct association force? One of the main utilizations of the apparatus tong is to make up the association. While planning on the most proficient method to do this successfully, you have to consider how to get the correct force an incentive to the association with the apparatus tong. The equation to decide force esteem is this:

Weight drove and drill pipe power tongs consolidate drill pipe utensils, bundling utensils, and tubing utensils. With grouped kinds, your group needs ensured, capable, strong execution with a nice power-to-weight extent.

Drill Pipe Power Tong is utilized to screw currently adjusted together to outline a drill string and its parts, which make the drag turn at the base of the wellbore.

The drill string fuses the drill pipe, base opening social affair, a top drive motor, and some other in-hole gear used during drilling exercises. These utensils should be effective at cutting down drill time and lessening costs. They usually come in sizes 2.36 to 10 inches.